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James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

Since the dawn of Creation, when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and saw themselves for what they were, we've been trying to cover up. Genesis 3:7 tells us that they tried to sew together fig leaves together. I can't imagine that they could hide much with fig leaf loincloths.

We still cover up too. It's always the case that when we're tired and feeling down, and we do our best to look good, to look like we have it all together - when we're falling apart. How many times do we think we're doing well, that we're looking great, and someone tells us that it looks like we're about to fall over.

In Psalm 139 we're told that God knows us completely, even the words we'll say before we say them. God doesn't love you in spite of His great knowledge, but because of it. You don't need to hide from Him. He loves you.

We don't have to hide from our family in Christ either. We're told in James 5:16 that confession brings healing. In unburdening yourself of the thing you were trying to hide, you heal some. With your brother or sister praying, you heal more. You know that you are loved, and accepted for who you are in that moment.

We do this for each other. Don't hide.

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